Jagwar Ma 12” / Digital

Previously only available as a 5-track bonus disc when purchasing Howlin from Rough Trade Shops, The Time & Space Machine Dub Sessions are now available to buy on limited 12” vinyl or as a digital download bundle. Richard Norris (The Grid, Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve) gives five tracks from Jagwar Ma’s debut album ‘Howlin’ the remix treatment on an exclusive EP.

Singles ‘Man I Need’, ‘The Throw’ & ‘Uncertainty’ are among the songs treated to a krautrock- tinged dub reworking, guaranteed to get you nodding along in no time. Stick on your lazer machine and move!


Jagwar Ma’s incredible new album ‘Every Now And Then’ is out now

Jagwar Ma are back with their incredible new album ‘Every Now & Then’. This stunning record encapsulates the band at their most entrancing and anthemic – a wig out of oscillating acid bassline, ricocheting dub-fused guitars and heady pop psychedelia bathed in strobe-lit sonics. It was self-produced and recorded in the United Kingdom, Australia and… Read more »