For her furious first single, “Pedestrian At Best”, Barnett turns the microscope’s glare on herself, as she lets loose an internal monologue crammed with twisting rhymes, inside jokes and self-deprecation while she muses on the fleeting nature of fame and what may or may not come after.

“I must confess I’ve made a mess of what should be a small success, but I digress. At least I tried my very best… I guess”

Pedestrian At Best also comes accompanied by a brilliant video by Charlie Ford, conceptualised by Barnett herself, in which she plays a depressed and incompetent clown, wandering around a carnival on her own. VIDEO

Track listing
A-side: Pedestrian At Best
B-side: Being Around (Lemonheads Cover)

The limited edition 7″ is available exclusively through Rough Trade.