Childhood CD/LP/Digital

It is with great pleasure that we announce to the world the release of the eagerly awaited (and ace) debut album from Childhood, Lacuna.

Recorded in the band’s home of South London with famed producer Dan Carey, the album is packed with wall-to-wall anthems – from killer new versions of “Blue Velvet” & “Solemn Skies” to the soaring heights of current single “Falls Away”, Lacuna is an instant classic. We are hugely excited about this record – you’re all in for a treat.


  1.  Blue Velvet
  2. You Could Be Different
  3. As I Am
  4. Right Beneath Me
  5. Falls Away
  6. Sweeter Preacher
  7. Tides
  8. Solemn Skies
  9. Chiliad
  10. Pay For Cool
  11. When You Rise
  12. Just Floating
  13. Pinballs
  14. Haltija

Order Lacuna on iTunes for exclusive bonus tracks, buy now and get new track ‘Tides’ as an instant download.

Deluxe LP is available from all good indies with bonus white label 7” featuring the exclusive track “No Words”. Order here.