Jamie Isaac’s debut mixtape, Loose Grip Mixtape, features three remixes by Archy Marshall, aka King Krule (operating here as Edgar the Beatmaker), as well as reworks by Rejjie Snow, Jesse James, Black Mack, and more. Check out the full tracklist below.

01 Last Drip (Remix ft. Rejjie Snow)
02 CNT U SEE (Remix ft. Jadasea)
03 Know U Like Me (Edgar The Beatmaker Remix)
04 CNT U SEE (Mr Malarky Remix)
05 Mother’s Love Don’t Stretch (Remix ft. Jesse James)
06 Staying With Me All Night (Edgar The Beatmaker Remix)
07 Find The Words (JI Edit)
08 All My Days (Edgar The Beatmaker Remix)
09 PINTY’S Interlude (Remix ft. MC PINTY)
10 Know U Like Me (Rago Foot Remix ft. Jesse James)