Forth Wanderers are five friends from Montclair, New Jersey. Together they make some of the most powerfully intimate and emotive indie-rock music you’re likely to hear. Comprised of singer Ava Trilling, guitarists Ben Guterl and Duke Greene, bassist Noah Schifrin and drummer Zach Lorelli, despite all being under the age of 21, the group have been prolifically forging musical creations from the bedrooms of their Garden State township since 2013.

Slop EP is out now!

Track Listing
01. Know Better
02. Slop
03. Nerves
04. Unfold


Forth Wanderers ‘Slop’ EP is out now!

Forth Wanderers incredible debut EP ‘Slop’ is now available to buy! Over just four tracks the band manage to create an intense impact with the effortless, earnest melody of Ava’s talismanic vocals soaring above the untempered churns of Ben’s haunting, raw guitars. The EP is as euphoric as it is lamenting, with ‘Know Better’ opening… Read more »