MarathonArtists LABs

MarathonArtists LABs accelerates startup product development in music & media technology

We target product-ready applications that optimise the exposure of creators’ work and its monetisation. The program is run by Marathon Artists, an independent music label based in Tileyard London.

“Startups will be metres from where decisions are made”

Jimmy Mikaoui

Managing Director

Marathon Artists

Our Partners

Investment firm focused on media tech startups seeking their first significant round of funding, typically under $1m, for product development.  
Independent Record Label, Publishing and Management company. Home to Artists such as Courtney Barnett and Jagwar
Audiotube is digital distributor for artists and record labels delivering affordable, accountable and transparent distribution, marketing and monetisation.  
EuropeanPioneers is a startup accelerator part of the European Innovation Hub based in Berlin focused on media and IoT applications.
Home to a community of 70 recording studios, artists, managers, labels and music services in King’s Cross, London.