MarathonArtists LABs

MarathonArtists LABs accelerates startup product development in music & media technology

We target product-ready applications that optimise the exposure of creators’ work and its monetisation. The program is run by Marathon Artists, an independent music label based in Tileyard London.

“Startups will be metres from where decisions are made”

Jimmy Mikaoui

Managing Director

Marathon Artists

Marathon Artists LABs is powered by  Sushi Venture Partners

The Partners

At Music Ally we love music, and we love tech. Our mission for the past fifteen years has been to explore ways that music and tech can work profitably together. We want to help reshape the music business so that it’s fit for the purpose in the digital age, representing the new breed of empowered artists and managers, helping build sustainable careers in a fairer system. Our clients are across the music and technology sectors, and include all the major labels, music publishers and collecting societies, music platforms like Spotify and Deezer, and the tech giants like Google and Microsoft.  
The Domino Recording Company was founded in Putney, South West London in 1993. The company’s ambitions, operating procedures and ethos remains the same – to represent and release music by artists who have no choice but to make music and to draw them to the attention of the outside world
Fair trade music distribution. Audiotube is a disruptive media tech company that has developed a next generation digital distribution platform for the music industry. Audiotube provides a cloud based content management system that hosts, manages, distributes, promotes and monetises Artists songs by providing them with a simple cost effective way to take control of the distribution of their music content while holding on to 100% of their rights.  An artist, label or publisher can upload their albums, tracks or videos onto the Audiotube platform which can then by distributed to Digital Service Providers (DSPs). Audiotube delivers affordable, accountable, efficient and transparent solutions for digital distribution, marketing and monetisation in to the music industry. Maximum reach with minimum effort.  
Tileyard Studios is a creative media hub situated at the north end of London’s Kings Cross Central development. Tileyard Studios is a thriving creative ecosystem. The complex has more that 70 state of the art music studios, as well as more than 100 office spaces that provide a home to a wide spectrum of companies predominantly operating in music, film & television, fashion and creative tech sectors. We are a mix of business startups, small to medium-sized businesses, emerging artists and established A-list talent.