CSM Remixes packshot copyJagwar Ma 12” / Digital
A must-have for any dance enthusiast – Andrew Weatherall & The Pachanga Boys’ reworkings of this stand-out track off “Howlin” will have you out of your seat & shimmy’ing to the club in no time.

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    Man I Need White Label: An anthemic guitar-led number from Jagwar Ma’s debut “Howlin”, catch it on vinyl with this super rare & limited white label release, featuring an exclusive dub version of the track. Groovy.
    The Throw: Put your hands in the air and gyrate back to the halcyon days, sun-drenched with eyes shut.
    Come Save Me: We defy you to get this on and not sing along. Switch on, lock in & let Jagwar Ma take you far, far away.
    Howlin: A powerful introduction to a band we have no doubt will continue to bring the heat.