Meeting in London, the duo Acyde and Morgan discovered an affinity for making music.

Exhibiting an outright lack of restraint with instinctive outbursts, raw beats and random noise – what holds their music together is what should tear it apart. Adhering to no single style or genre, We Are Shining stand out for their unique and forward thinking approach.

With a sound so bold & exciting, fresh and deeply warming, feet will certainly be stomping in ritual as We Are Shining stake their claim on sound waves around the world.

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We Are Shining’s Road Premiered by Zane Lowe

Zane Lowe premiered ROAD on BBC Radio 1. “We’ve been keeping keen ears on We Are Shining for some time. Pretty much everything they’ve given us we’ve wanted to play. It’s very hip hop and it’s also very experienced and well travelled and authentic. It’s those original sounds mixed in with a modern approach.” Listen… Read more »

We Are Shining ‘KARA’ Worldwide Pre-Order

The sonically mesmerising London-based duo have gifted us a doozy of a debut. ‘Kara’ is a veritable exhibition of influences and innovations, offered to us with the production pair’s inimitable style & downright powerful aesthetic. From the woozy space soul of numbers such as ‘Breaks’ and ’Thru The Dark’ to the thundering drum of ‘Road’… Read more »