Olly and Gale are Olly Knights and Gale Paridjanian from Turin Brakes. With six studio albums, one live album and one best of album in their catalogue so far, Olly and Gale’s songwriting output as Turin Brakes has always been consistently beautiful, visceral, and unforgivingly emotive.

Their debut EP, titled The Door, was released in 1999. This led to a deal with Source Records, who released the band’s debut LP The Optimist in 2001. Met with almost universal praise, the album was nominated for the Mercury Music Prize and contained many songs that established Olly and Gale as outstanding songwriters: Mind Over Money, Underdog (Save Me), and Future Boy. Their second LP release, Ether Song, produced the top 5 single Painkiller and the hymn to unravelling, Rain City. Every album release has included songs that have endured for their resonating lyrics and composition: Fishing For A Dream and Above The Clouds from JackInABox; Dark On Fire and Brave New World from Dark On Fire; Seachange and Will Power from Outbursts, and Dear Dad and Blindsided Again from their most recent album, We Were Here.

Songwriters in the most traditional sense, Olly and Gale bring an artistic understanding to their songwriting sessions won from being in a touring band for 15 years that can’t be emulated.

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