Jen Cloher is a highly respected recording and performing artist and outspoken artist advocate. She also runs one of Australia’s best indie labels (Milk! Records) with partner Courtney Barnett.
Cloher’s compositional and stylistic approach sits at the artistic zenith of the folk-rock genre. Whilst her musicianship has developed over time, it’s the lyrical content of her songs that have deepened, matured and become far more complex and ambitious. The forthcoming self titled album was recorded by Greg Walker (Machine Translations) and was mixed in the infamous Loft Studios in Chicago by American engineer Tom Schick (Rufus
Wainwright and Wilco). Thematically the new album explores the insecurity and the existential dilemma of art and the artist’s place in contemporary society.
In 2012 Cloher founded Milk! Records with Courtney Barnett. Milk! has become one of the most respected independent labels in Australia – winning Best Independent Label at the 2015 AIR Awards.
Jen Cloher also founded I Manage My Music which has provided workshops and classes to hundreds of self-managed Australian artists. In 2014 she won The Lighthouse Award, an award funded by APRA and given to a Victorian manager for their contribution to the music industry.

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