While his voice may be flooring, his command of the piano arresting, and the delicate textures of his electronic production infectious, no one facet can explain the singularity of what Jamie Isaac does.

Born and raised in Croydon, Jamie discovered at an early age what a powerful form of escapism music could be for him. Joining a successful local choir aged 11, he not only discovered the incredible tone of his own singing voice, but the immersive, transportive properties of truly grand musical composition.

“There’s something very powerful about performing a really huge piece of music that’s had so much time and thought put into creating it,” he says. “It becomes something you can totally lose yourself within.”

It was these newly stoked fires that drove him to take his music seriously, earning a place at his local music school and honing in on piano as his primary instrument throughout his teens. Obsessing with the never-ending vortex of jazz, first with the greats, but before long with the avant-garde minimalism of composers like Philip Glass and Steve Reich, and then moving on to cultivate a love for hip hop and its craft, Jamie Isaac has created his own sophisticated sound cut through with street culture, from the foundations of Premier and Dilla, through to more evolved UK bass sounds like Mount Kimbie. And this is only the beginning.

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