Jagwar Ma came together in Sydney Australia when Jono Ma and Gabriel Winterfield bonded over a mutual passion of melody and experimental beats, and the pair set out creating a sound that would capture their love for contemporary electronica & classic American pop harmony, Joe Meek & King Tubby, vintage drum machines & radio frequency manipulation, improvised percussion and other esoteric methods of creating sound. Meeting up to help finish off each other’s songs, sometimes they would become cavernous rhythms and more than often the pair would record just for the hell of it. (On one occasion the two were purported to have stayed up recording the sound of hair swishing across a microphone).

Fusing the elements of disparate musics, the vocal sweetness of Laurel Canyon, Carl Wilson and Bruce Johnston and the modern electronic space of the past 40 years, in their first recording ‘Come Save Me’ they created a contemporary psychedelia, with the beauty and simplicity of classic sun-soaked beach pop – a song rooted in celebrating sadness, its heavenly harmonies jilted by a lyric informing how leaving a loved one can really expose how lonely love really is.

“You can’t trick people in to liking a song” says Gab “We knew we liked it and that we had a really good time making it”.

And if that isn’t a lesson in trusting your instinct then we don’t know what is! Travelling from Australia over to London to take the project further, the pair were able to cement their sound and at the same time absorb some of Europe’s cultural and artistic influences from the fierce beats of Berlin’s Berghain to London’s most interesting corners. And from this explosion of sound & culture Jagwar Ma’s debut album ‘Howlin’ came to be, enlisting everyone in one big dance party. Later joined by bassist Jack Freeman, the band have now taken their incredible live show around the world which now waits impatiently for their next set.

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Jagwar Ma’s incredible new album ‘Every Now And Then’ is out now

Jagwar Ma are back with their incredible new album ‘Every Now & Then’. This stunning record encapsulates the band at their most entrancing and anthemic – a wig out of oscillating acid bassline, ricocheting dub-fused guitars and heady pop psychedelia bathed in strobe-lit sonics. It was self-produced and recorded in the United Kingdom, Australia and… Read more »