Marathon Artists is a new
independent music label.

Its house will always
be built on artists first.

Marathon produces, publishes
and manages artists.

It is founded to support
and grow new artists.

It is committed to new
music expressions.

Inspired by Atlantic, Island and Stax,
it believes in the studio being
central to the label.

Marathon invests in genuine
long-term relationships.

Marathon supports a family
of labels to innovate and
stay true.

Marathon believes
in Pop music.

Marathon champions leftfield
vision with populist ambition.

Marathon believes in music
that people can believe in.

Marathon works hard
for music to be heard.

Marathon does not separate music
from the culture it comes from.

Marathon believes in a
simplicity of vision.

A way of living for today, forever.

Marathon is founded by Paul-Rene Albertini,
Philippe Ascoli and Jimmy Mikaoui.

Marathon is also home to House Anxiety Records, introducing the prodigious escapism of Jamie Isaac and the soulful shoegaze of Childhood.